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Why choose Share Results Affiliate Network?

  1. Experienced, knowledgeable Affiliate Marketing employees. One of the biggest determiners whether an affiliate program succeeds or fails is the people running it. Share Results is created and run by professionals who are the best at what they do.

  2. Built-to-order affiliate programs. Share Results' top priority is flexibility. Flexible affiliate tracking software, commissions, reports and services - all the necessary resources are at your fingertips to create a winning affiliate program.

  3. Non-exclusive affiliate marketing contracts. Plain and simple. Work with Share Results Affiliate Network and build strong, profitable merchant-affiliate relationships. Work with other affiliate networks too if you choose.

  4. State-of-the art, third-party tracking and stats software including support for multiple currencies and payment reports by affiliate, by month.

  5. Flexible Affiliate Compensation Options. Infinite commission structures (tiered or flat; percentages of revenue or sales; referral based, performance bonuses, cost-per-acquisition (CPA), individualized percentages, or a combination of any or all options) and control over minimum monthly payouts and commission rollovers.

  6. The Share Results Affiliate Network. A network of highly qualified merchants and affiliates. Merchants determine which affiliate sites are best for their objectives. Affiliates access household-name merchants and decide which ones complement their audience.

  7. Cost-effective solutions. Merchants pay only when they get new leads or sales. (There is a small initial set up fee.) Affiliates have no limits to what they can earn and unlimited access to great merchants and tools for success.

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