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Affiliate Pharmacy Programs
by J. Ratliff

Responsible Affiliate Pharmacy

If you are an affiliate that has not delved into the pharmacy affiliate programs, then you may be missing something. Of course, most of us know that it is usually against the law to buy prescription drugs from another country. However, the question becomes, is it wrong to have a website with information about these online pharmacies?

I don’t think it is. Here is my reasoning:
  1. The customer was going to buy anyway, if he/she happens to click through on of my links, I am okay with taking 25% of the sale.
  2. I always have a disclaimer that specifically states the US law. You should have one for your country as well if you are located in that country.
  3. I do believe the price of drugs is inflated. I can understand folks who have no insurance not wanting to pay full price for US medicine.
  4. I view the legality of this as similar to the following scenario. I have an affiliate link to ebay, and the buyer purchases an R rated movie although they are underage. Ebay is responsible for regulating that, not me.
If you have not yet considered joining a pharmacy related affiliate program, I have some links to my best performers at

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