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What Should I Be Charging For A Teleseminar

Teleseminars are a great way to grow your mailing list, gain new customers, and reach out to your existing customers. You may offer a seminar for free or you can charge a fee to attendees. It is sometimes difficult to set a price on your seminar; there are a few things you can consider when making this decision, such as: Why are you offering the seminar? If you are offering this seminar to increase your mailing list or generate buzz on a new information product, you may want to offer the teleseminar for free. You can make money by marketing to your new list or off the sale of the information product you are promoting. On the other hand, if your sole purpose of offering this teleseminar is to make money, you may want to research the fees associated with similar teleseminars and charge accordingly. How large is the audience you currently have? By looking at the size of your current mailing list and the traffice you have, you can use this information to help determine how much to charge.

If you have an established mailing list and an existing website with traffic, you are likely to have many people already who are willing to pay good money for your information. Likewise, if your intention is to promote yourself as an expert and gain website traffic, you may wish to charge a lower fee. Once you have established a larger list, you can increase the price you charge. Are you creating new customers or reaching out to repeat buyers? As you know, it is easier to market to your existing customer base. If your goal is to create new customers, charging a smaller fee can motivate them to try your teleseminar, even if they are not that familiar with you.

As your existing customers are already familiar with you, they will typically be more willing to pay a higher fee. You may also consider offering your existing customers a special discount off the price of the teleseminar. For example, pretend you have a cooking website and you created an ebook about tips on cooking with kids. Consider offering an exclusive, free teleseminar for people who have already bought the ebook.

Some people will take the teleseminar call, and for those who can't, offer them a recording of the call for free. Have you thought about interviewing an expert, and charging them an interview fee? Other business owners may jump at the chance to pay you for being a part of your interview, and gaining your existing audience. If you charge the presenter a fee, you can adjust your prices for customers- either offer it as a smaller price or for free. Most importantly, be sure to listen to your market.

If you set your price at $29.95, and your seminar wasn't as successful as you would have liked, next time try offering a special discount of $19.95 and see if that helps your sales.

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