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The Job Trap

With the ever increasing cutbacks in Corporate America and the handing out of pink slips like candy at a parade, it is no wonder that the Home Business Phenomenon has taken on a life of its own. With over $400 Billion generated in the Home based Business arena every year it might be an understatement to say this is a Phenomenon, the home business sector has exploded in growth tantamount to financially biblical proportions and it is understandable to see why! Over half of all home-based businesses survive the scary five-year mark and they are easy to start and restart when needed. So of what importance is all that? And why should this be a point of interest? Well to answer these questions and more I first have to say that writing this was important to me. Working in Corporate America for years and witnessing first hand how devastating losing ones lively hood in a blink of an eye, was really all the motivation I needed to look further into the home business arena.k.a.

work from home arena. When you are trading time for dollars at a J.O.

B you are susceptible to losing your job due to cutbacks, performance issues, Company mergers, Buyouts, outsourcing, and the list goes on! The preconceived notion that a dual income will get my family ahead financially can be a trap and it is obvious to see why when we look at what is involved in working outside the home. Such as, average costs for childcare $5000 over $7000 a year spend hundreds on dry cleaning, and business wardrobe Auto maintenance Gasoline at an average of $1200 a year { could be a lot more depending on size of vehicle and how far you drive to work. Mine was a lot more.} Lunches And the list is nearly endless! That's not to mention the precious time lost with loved ones on account of mom and dad working so many hours just to provide.

So with that in mind one can see why working from home or having a home business is so appealing. Thankfully today there are more opportunities than ever for starting a home business. Also there is so much available in the way of funding depending on what type of home business.

In some cases you can get funding to start a business plus living expenses till you get on your feet. It just requires a little bit or research! To get back to the question of, hey, it's great that people are making a lot of money at this, but what's it got to do with me? Don't doubt that this phenomenon that has spread like wildfire and ignited a financially liberating revolution could benefit you and your family immensely. Have you ever thought about it? I would bet money that you have. But in the back our mind we have that little voice that says "can I really make a go of it? Remember Joe a few years back spent a fortune trying to get his biz off the ground, I mean, what kind of business could I really start?' Negativity has a way of piling on the doubt and questions, no matter how unfounded, and making scarce with any kind of answer or action.

But let it never be so among us! Living in the computer/information age, information is readily accessible to help one get started in their own business. With proper research, time and due diligence on whatever you are researching, odds of success are in your favor. Not only that, but I would encourage any one who wants to get started to start off part time. Continue to work at your current job till the income you are making part time supercedes that of your job.

And it will! The home business phenomenon is catching on because it has become the only viable solution for many families. It provides the opportunity for such amazing benefits as spouses working together, the ability to raise your children at home, financial freedom, peace of mind, and most importantly not having to wake up before the sun does! When looking to start your own home business or work from home I would encourage finding someone that is successful in whatever area you are looking into that will share their experience and wisdom with you. Then stay focused on this path, have fun at home pouring your heart into your financial liberation and you are likely to be the next great success story in the home business Phenomenon!.

Candi May is a Top Internet Marketer and home business mentor. She devotes her time and energy in working with her team one on one to ensure their success. To learn more about working from home go to work for you.

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