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Marketing Rickshawvala promotes new youth website

Shahrukh Khan, Aishwariya Rai, Sachin Tendulkar and?Shah, The Rickshawvala? Well, if you ask hareepa!com Founder & CEO Satwant S. Sobti, he'll tell you that there was no better person to bring his new website to the mainstream Indian youth. hareepa!com's launch campaign kicked off this week and it features a hilarious video viral "Gang of Rickshawvalas II" which showcases the rickshawvala performing various stunts and dance moves.

hareepa!com, an online portal, is a medium for Indian users to connect with like-minded people through matching up similarities of their profile and interests with other users' profiles. The process consists of users entering in their information (i.e. hobbies, interests etc) and immediately being connected to users who have entered similar things.

According to Sobti, it all takes about 1-2 minutes and the results are extremely relevant; best of all, it's free of cost. One of the biggest challenges of bringing unfamiliar people together on a net-based platform is safety. However, hareepa!com, which conducts a mobile check of each user, provides a simple and effective way of ensuring the security of each user. Furthermore, the mobile check also creates a credible and authentic online environment while filtering out any potentially unacceptable behavior. This could be a great advantage for hareepa!com as more and more India-focused social networking websites are mushrooming up every day. However, Sobti believes that hareepa!com is serving a need in India today better than any of its competitors: making new friends.

According to a hareepa!com-MediaTurf joint survey conducted this year, 85% of users who visit social networking websites do so to make new friends; and while most of the 85% use Orkut to do this, Sobti is confident that hareepa!com's similarity engine gives users more relevant results and a better way to interact. One such way is its SMS Chat feature which allows 2 users to SMS one other without giving out their phone number to the other. The hareepa!com team operates out of Gurgaon with a team of 10 employees including recent recruit, Avnish Saxena who was lured away from competitor Saxena, who has great experience in the India's Web 2.0 space, calls hareepa!com "the one" and believes it can become India's biggest social networking site in 2-3 years.

Time will only tell if hareepa!com is "the one" ? in the mean time, you can check out their funny rickshawvala viral "Gang of Rickshawvalas II" and find your similar people by logging onto

Besides the fact that has this hilarious movie about rickshawvalas gone crazy?it is an online portal that allows Indian users to connect with like-minded people through matching up similarities of their profile with the profiles of other users.It's really simple too ? you fill out your profile and one click later,'s similarity engine matches you up with the most similar people in your area. The whole process takes 3-4 minutes and the results are extremely relevant. Security measures at keeps your privacy always at top priority.

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