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Make Money Online Any Beginning Internet Marketer Can Make A Day By Doing This

When I first began to start making money online I sat in front of my computer dumb founded wondering "what" I could do to start making some of that internet gold. I just didn't have a plan. It wasn't until listening in on a live tele-seminar one night that gave me a definite plan, a red-hot proven pattern for success.

You see, a professional marketer and one of his associates were spilling their guts all about creating your own moneymaking niche products. That changed everything for me and I got busy! I knew the guy because I had previously bought a product from him that taught all about setting up Paypal, uploading files, choosing a web host, etc. He was my newfound friend! You see, in the beginning I got my start in mail order. For a while I was stumped on what I could sell by mail. I pretty much started from scratch.

I didn't even own a word processor yet. Then I discovered reprint rights material. I started buying all kinds of reprintable reports and manuals. I had to re-build a lot of the old worn out products that I bought doing paste-ups late at night at Kinko's. As time went on I made good money by creating my own reprint rights collections after I got a new computer and a laser printer.

In time I even bought my own copy machine and saved a lot of time and money in making copies and by filling orders at home. I even created my own products. And they sold well.

The only trouble was I didn't have the capital to grow and expand advertising wise. That all changed the minute I found out how to make money online. By doing business online I didn't have to worry about expensive magazine advertising. There was no waiting months for an ad to come out, no expensive printing to buy, no expensive postage, etc. No more spinning my wheels profit wise! Making money online was so much easier.

I could run a classified type ad through Google Adwords and instantly be getting traffic in 15 minutes. People could instantly see my products on my web site. I could deliver products instantly too.

It was like mail order without all the mail! Again, when I decided to start an internet marketing business, I was stumped on what I could do to make money online. But that night I listened in on this 1 ½-hour tele-seminar. They were explaining how they created their own niche e-book products and used Google Adwords to get instant traffic. How they launched a product fast even if it wasn't as good as it could be yet. How they made at least 1 - 2 sales per day online per product.

Sales of something like $25 - $50 per day for every new e-book they created and how all that cash adds up fast. That sounded good to me! These guys are still making lots of money online today and helping others as well. When I started creating e-books and selling them online I started seeing sales automatically for $29 at first and then more and more. These guys spoke truth! As a matter of fact, I am 3/4 of the way retired now. I only have to work outside my home a few days per month sometimes to help pay my house payment. The rest of the time I am either perfecting a moneymaking product that is already up and running or I am creating something new to sell online.

That is how easy it is to create your own digital info-products. And I am not that sharp or I would be a millionaire by now since I have been at it online since 2004. But I am satisfied with my results so far and so is my wife! So if I can do it, you can probably do it better! You cannot depend on a job. If you don't do something to make more money now, chances are you will have to keep working after you're 65 to make ends meet. Supposedly, US government statistics prove that 95% of Americans, at the age of 65 are either dead, disabled or broke.

Trading products for dollars instead of hours for dollars is the easiest money you will ever earn and the easiest way to get rich. You too can make money online if you will just work half as hard for yourself as you do for your boss. Do it in spurts. Do it just for a month and see what happens.

Lee Cusano has been a publisher since 1995 and has been making money online since 2004. He has a free report that you can get called "The #1 Secret That Always Increases Your Sales Profits Every Time". Get it today by going to

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