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Instant Global Pay An Oasis In the Desert

Finding a decent, legitimate and profitable business system is quite a difficult task these days, it sure took me some searching. with so many scammers out there many people will give up and just become non believers. This is a bit sad considering that there are also some business models out there that really do work, and are not just about ripping people off. The whole point of business is to give people a service or product that they are in demand for period.

If you have been looking and have still not found a home business that is straight forward and profitable then i definitely advise you to Check out IGP. This is a business that was started in January 2008 and has many things going for it for its members as well as an amazing potential income earner. A very positive thing about this system is the no obligation membership join up. I know a lot of business' claim this but this is no bull. Basically if you go to the link at the end of this article you will be able to go to the sign up page. This entails that you sign a form and thats it, you become a member.

No credit card for later charges or any of that nonsense. This allows you to fully scope out what the system is like with no worries. I have been a member of this system for about a month now, i can definitely see that this system is not another get rich quick scheme, you will need to make a bit of effort in promotion. As far as i am concerned, if a system offers to make you a very good amount of money without you doing much then it is probably not very valuable and will not take you very far. This is a no BS system and you will have to put work into it especially at the start. The only real "work" that you need to do to get this going and making you money is promotion.

This is a system that sells on itself, by offering members great rewards, including $750 of petrol bonuses a month and wal mart cards. The great thing is that you will be given quality and targeted leads when you join, so your only job is normal promotion and to utilize the leads and gain members. In fact, i think that the discount fuel is a massive hook for Instant Global Pay as there are a lot of people who will be interested in this. Especially with the fuel economy heading the way it is. Something Else that i really dig about IGP is there members area, it is very nicely set up and has every thing available to you set out in a very easy and attractive way.

You can see your down line as individual illustrated icons on your team list. You can check your stats and download your leads, pretty much like any system i guess, its just the way it is set out is really cool in my opinion and this is something that i have been disappointed with in a lot of other business systems. Now to the question i am sure you are very interested in, "how much will it cost me"? And of course a very good question to ask if you are going to invest in anything. Well, its a one time investment of $150.

I really think this is a wonderfully cheap price for the quality of this system. The second question "how much will i make"? This comes down to you entirely, but the way it pays is like this. You will get payed $150 for each cycle of your team. A cycle is 6 sales in your team which means you and any one under you. When you cycle, you get 150.00, plus the first time you cycle in a day you get a 25.

00 Wal Mart card, or you can get the 25.00 added to your check. If you cycle more than once per day, you still only get one wal mart card. When one of your personally sponsored cycles, you also get a 25.00 bonus.

You can imagine what happens when you have a few people in your team, it gets very easy to make a cycle. And so the better it gets the better it gets. This system is not a pyramid scheme, it is actually the best business model that there is at the moment. Once you have done a bit of promotion and started your team you will find it quite easy to make $150 per day.

Remembering that as soon as you have 2 people in your team you will all be combining to get those 6 sales and so really 2 sales per team member would be needed. And that is just the beginning. In addition to all the things about this system that i really like is the fact that you will get 50 leads every time you cycle, so your potential sales are constantly being updated. I have to say that i think this system is just such a great new way of doing it that it is absolutely worth checking out.

If your keen but don't want to invest any money then you can join up and see the members area as i mentioned at no obligation to go any further.

Go and have a look at the instant global pay blog for more details, or just proceed and join up at the instant global pay official join up page.

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