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What is it the makes people buy? It's an interesting question but just imagine if you had the answers. How would you market differently? For starters, you'd save a lot of money because you'd know exactly where to spend your advertising budget. Knowing the one (or more) thing that makes people buy, instantly gives remarkable power to all your marketing messages. Knowing what how to inspire and convince your prospects and customers to purchase ANY product or service you sell, at anytime. and as often as you want, is the ticket to a long term, highly profitable business.

There are two words that describe what we are talking about. Those words are ** Psychological Tactics ** Two of the world's top online marketers narrowed down the list to the Top 21 Psychological Triggers that make people want to buy. It's a fascinating analysis of over 89 case studies of these powerful tactics in action. This report can be read online for your information. So once you know what makes people buy, how can this help you make more sales? There are many techniques that work very well. Two of these are mentioned below.

People would much rather think they have 'bought' something than think they were 'sold' something and there is a big difference between the two. Giving away free information which in turn leads to a sale is a way of getting your customers to buy from you instead of you selling to them. Although the end result is the same for you, you have a much more loyal customer who, over time and with good customer service, will buy from you again and again. If you break down the reasons why people buy, it has been said that there are just two very basic reasons why people buy anything.

Fear and greed. Fear is a very powerful motivator behind a purchase. For example, people buy life insurance as they are worried that if they die, their family will not have enough money to live on. Another example of fear is when an offer has a limited time. The fear is that if they don't buy now, the offer may expire with them missing out, so to avoid that, they buy on the spot.

These two angles can help you in your sales message. Make sure your prospects are under no illusions they do not want to risk their families happiness buy not buying your product here and now. Greed is another motivation and this can be just as powerful. For example, if there is an offer of investing a small amount of money and in a short period of time that money could be doubled, then greed would be the motivator behind any potential purchase. However, it is well worth pointing out that people are much more savvy now and will not fall for something that sounds too good to be true, but greed is a powerful emotion so can be used to help sales. Please make sure though, that with both of these thoughts in mind, you keep your product, service and sales message ethical, legal and moral.

Just because you have an idea of how to press the 'buy' buttons, never scam anyone, never lie, never mislead and never do anything you would not like done to you. Always aim everything you do to building a quality, long term business. If you behave in any kind of underhand way, your customers will realise and never come back to you. Also remember that bad news travels much faster than good news and before long, your website will be ousted and you will not have a business worth marketing.

That said, there are many people out there who want to buy what you are selling. As long as you can get in front of those people with a legal, ethical and moral sales message which is effective and helps your prospects make the decision they want to make, you and your customer will both be happy.

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