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Credit Card Consolidation Three Plus Two Equals One Payment

As the world gets more hectic, the pace quickens and life throws us so many choices to buy things, the world of finances becomes more of a strain and credit card balances continue to increase. Everyday individuals, couples and families around the country battle mountains of uncontrollable amounts of debt. A little research into where this debt is hiding will quickly uncover the small piece of plastic hiding in so many wallets and purses. That colorful, design plastic is tied to an account with a credit limit being pushed to the max.

Of course we all know this is credit card debt. The balances on those credit cards are at the root of many individuals and families financial problems. According to MSN Money 8.

3 percent of households in the US owe $9,000 or more on their credit cards. High interest rates charged by companies on the unpaid balances are the main cause of cash being drained each month from household budgets and tight incomes. For many consolidating debt from a variety of open credit cards accounts is done with a balance transfer. For many the only way out of the bondage of mounting unsecured debt is to take the route of credit card debt consolidation. What is Causing the Problem? The credit card industry is aggressive in their marketing of credit. For example, according to VISA USA consumers worldwide carry more than 1 billion Visa cards and of that worldwide total over 450 million of those Visa cards are in the United States.

This aggressive marketing means individuals many times carry more than one card. Consumers find themselves paying the balance on one credit card with another card. The sad part is they do not realize this chaotic money management system only increases their burden of debt which increases at an uncontrollable rate. It is important to understand that consolidating the cards is not a "magic bullet" that will instantly set them free of all their debt.

Consolidation is only a tool to help individuals get out of debt. What are some ways I can reduce credit card debt through a debt consolidation program? Carrying a high balance on your credit card is a tremendous burden that often leads to emotional and financial stress. Increasing debt to the point that paying it back becomes problematic adds interest. It is for this reason why a low or zero interest balance transfer creditcard may make sense. A debt consolidation program for credit cards can reduce the strain to some degree.

Lower monthly debt payments, put an end to credit collection calls and harassment along with improving your credit rating, all with one monthly payment. The only way to climb out of credit card debt is to spend wisely, cautiously and pay down the debt.

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