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Benefits of Affiliate Program

Benefits of an Affiliate Marketing Program

  • It's a pay-for-performance model, so once a merchant pays their integration fee, they pay nothing else for affiliate marketing until they see the desired results.
  • It's targeted -- affiliates will promote your product because it suits their website's content. Hence targeted traffic.
  • You rely on the expertise of motivated affiliates who know their market and know how to generate revenue.

Benefits of an Affiliate Network

  • Merchants have access to a wide spectrum of active affiliates who cater to diverse market segments and regions.
  • By working with a third party, you get accountability. Affiliate stats are reported objectively and are easily accessible.
  • The affiliate marketing management team provides hands on advice and, as a third party, can intervene if issues arise.
  • An affiliate network provides the added benefit of support and marketing advice. You're part of a community that works together. You benefit from the collective expertise of a team of affiliate marketers, affiliates and other merchants.
  • Each new merchant that joins the affiliate network is promoted to an existing pool of affiliates.
  • Affiliates who sign up to another merchants affiliate program are also encouraged to sign up to your affiliate program.
  • An affiliate network extends the reach of your advertising, quickly increasing new leads and sales

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