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AdSense Program How You Can Make Money Just By Writing

Many people wonder how on earth they could earn money if they ran their own web site but didn't actually *sell* anything. If you have no products or services to sell then where does the money come from? Many people wonder how on earth they could earn money if they ran their own web site but didn't actually *sell* anything. If you have no products or services to sell then where does the money come from? Well the answer is that you can make money in lots of ways when you run a web site - and **selling products and/or services** is not only just one option but also one of the most labour-intensive options, at least if the products are not electronic (i.e.

if they are hard goods or services). The problem is that many people stick to what they know - bricks 'n' mortar - high street shops who sell products that you can hold and feel, or professionals (such as accountants or lawyers) who sell their services. It's plain to see where the money comes from there: from the products and services on offer! But does that mean that YOU have to have products or services to sell if you want to make your own money online? No! The Internet offers so many more ways in which you can make money! ------ SIDE NOTE ------ For an explanation of some of the different ways you can earn money online visit:

html ------ SIDE NOTE ------ And one of the easiest yet effective ways of earning money online is by using Google's 'AdSense' program as one of the income-generators for your web site. But what exactly is 'AdSense'? Well AdSense is an advertising program with a difference and it has virtually taken the Internet and small web site owners by storm. If you have your own web site and join the free 'AdSense' program, Google gives you a code that you simply cut and paste into your web pages. You can put the code into as many of your web pages as you want but obviously the more pages in which you place the code, the more likely you are to earn *more* money and here's why.

Every time a visitor visits a page on which you have pasted your AdSense code a few small text adverts appear. Google's clever AdSense technology will automatically display adverts that are relevant to your topic. So if your web site is all about quilting, the adverts will be related to quilting. If it's about parenting, the adverts will be related to parenting, and so on.

'Where do these adverts come from?' I hear you ask. Well there are lots of people and busineses out there who want to promote their web sites, products or services, so they pay Google every time someone clicks on their advert. Now here's the good part. If a visitor clicks on any of the Google 'AdSense' adverts on your web page - you get money! This is such an eye-opening way to monetize that I'm going to repeat it: If a visitor just CLICKS on any of the Google AdSense adverts on your web page - GOOGLE PAYS YOU MONEY!!! That's right! The visitor doesn't even need to BUY anything from the advertiser! All they need to do is click on one of the adverts on your web page and Google pays you! So Google's 'AdSense' program means that you really CAN earn money *just by attracting visitors* to your web site.

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